Wedding branding is an important step in the early part of planning. If you are engaged and planning a wedding, it is important to understand what you would like the overall look and feel to be on your special day. Will you have a theme? What will your colors be? Many events and weddings are branded, so you can keep a consistent theme going throughout and it will not look like you planned it all at the last minute.


What Is Wedding Branding?

Wedding branding is the overall look, feel, and color palette that you have chosen for your special day. It shows the love and future commitment you are making as a couple, and tells your story visually and emotionally. Wedding branding is typically done by a professional graphic designer, although can be accomplished by yourself. If you do not have it in the budget for custom stationery, a wedding brand board can arm you with exactly what you are looking for.

Why Should I Brand My Wedding?

Branding your wedding in advance, even before you order save the dates will allow you to use this information for all aspects: the stationery designer, wedding planner, florist, photographer, caterer and even music. Using a professional wedding stationer can assist you with this process, and provide you a finalized “board” that you can use throughout your wedding. You can also DIY your brand if you are on a budget.

Start with an Inspiration Board

Most brides go to Pinterest to collect inspiration for their wedding day. Create a secret board just for your wedding, and pin images that represent you as a couple. This could be flowers, dresses, stationery, colors, and other items that you would like reflected. It is important to keep in mind what you are looking for in general…do you want rustic? Romantic? Modern? Your inspiration board should help you narrow down the aesthetic, so you can build off of it for all the other items for your wedding.

The Color Palette

From those pictures, look and see if you find specific colors that you would like to incorporate. Choose about 4-5 colors that are speaking out to you, and think about the bridesmaid dresses, flowers, etc. that you might want to use. The colors you decide should lean towards your look. For example, if you are going for a romantic theme, you may want to choose soft pastels vs. harsh colors such as black and red. For a rustic theme, brown, ivory and green generally work well together.


Do your pictures have a lot of rustic items? Do you find yourself pinning stripes often? See what you have in your inspiration board that you may want to incorporate into your visual items such as stationery. Your paper products are one of the most important ways you will express your brand for your wedding, so knowing what textures you want to incorporate can be a great way to set the tone for your guests.


Fonts are a very, very important part of your wedding brand, as this is what will incorporate the overall feel of the day. Do you want something modern? Classic? Rustic? Romantic? Sophisticated? Your wedding stationer can assist you with choosing the right style, even if you purchase from a pre designed collection and not custom. Most designers are happy to switch out fonts to create the perfect stationery for your occasion. Another option is to design custom pieces, so you can achieve your desired look.


Even weddings have logos! You will see a custom logo created above for my clients Hope and Alex, who wanted a special wreath design. There are many premade designs out there that already have logos, so creating a new one may not be necessary. You will use this on all of your paper items, from the save the dates all the way through the reception and thank you cards.